Monday, August 18, 2008


This weekend, at the prompting of my midwife, I attended one session of the Phoenix La Leche League conference and heard Dr. Robert Sears speak. It was fun! I loved it, and it was fun to hook up with a bunch of people that I know and hang out for a couple of hours. I also got to meet another really cool local midwife whom I had not previously met.

There are actually two Dr. Sears, which I didn't know - Dr. William Sears, father, and Dr. Robert Sears, son. Each has written some of his own books, and they've coathored some. Dr. Robert was here to speak on his latest book, and he did a great job. He had to seriously skim the material, as he only had an hour and a quarter to speak, but it was still fun - and I am going to read the book anyway.

I have not gotten into La Leche League yet. When I was in my Babywise stage I was taught to despise them, and though I've thankfully gotten over that and now think they're great, I just haven't jumped into the breastfeeding community as much as I have the homebirth community (strong overlap, but distinct entities). Perhaps I will! My friend S. is looking into breastfeeding consultation, so I'll see how it goes for her. I really enjoyed this conference and would encourage anyone I know to attend one.

Cheers for now!

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