Sunday, January 18, 2009

Congratulations to the World's Newest VBA3C-Mama!

My biggest congratulations go to N., who this week had an unmedicated VBA3C birth (VBA3C = vaginal birth after three cesarean section births). What an accomplishment!

In today's political climate, it is becoming rare to find physicians who will encourage, or even allow, VBAC births. Most want mothers to agree to repeat cesareans. It is virtually impossible to find a doctor who will "allow" a VBA2C, and absolutely unheard-of to find one who will do a VBA3C. Thus, N. has all of my admiration for carrying her point and achieving her goal of many years - a natural, unmedicated birth following her three traumatic surgical births (none of which, I believe she has said, were medically necessary - all were encouraged and/or forced by her obstetrician).

What a good example to us all!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Article on Orgasmic Birth

For those of you who haven't (or have!) seen the movie "Orgasmic Birth", here's a great article on it from Fox News:

Orgasms During Childbirth? It Happens

It is very open, positive and encouraging of natural birth and of women taking charge of their health and maternity care. Check it out! Here's a great quote from the article:

"More than anything, women who want to experience orgasmic births need to take control of their pregnancy and childbirth. Instead of handing their bodies over to medicine to speed labor, they need to work with non-interventive doctors or midwives. Synthetic hormones can actually make for contractions that are more painful, causing problems like rupture of the uterus."

Amen, sister!

So, I've had natural childbirth.... Was it orgasmic? Well, to be honest, yes. Not pleasurably, but definitely orgasmic. Kind of like sneezing nails rather than just sneezing. But I guess that's better than nothing! After all, you are pushing a basketball through a straw - if there wasn't some pleasure involved, women might not live through it! It was definitely a weird mix of pain/pleasure. That's not something I generally advertise ("Hey, Bible study ladies! Want to hear about my orgasmic birth?"), but birth definitely has its aspects of pleasure.

I think I've got a better chance at a truly pleasurable birth next time. Not a first time mom, much more confident and less fearful, much more knowledgeable and in control of my physical power - all the ingredients are right there! I'll have to report in on that one later.

If I don't incur church discipline for this little snippet, I don't know what will!

Love to all,