Saturday, August 21, 2010

Homebirth Video - Lovely

A friend posted this on Facebook, and I simply have to share! Gorgeous!

This is an extremely up-close-and-personal look at an all-natural homebirth. The midwife does an awesome job of encouraging the mother during those challenging last moments of birth, and she also does a lovely, hands-off job of facilitating and guiding the baby's birth. This is a simply lovely birth - what birth should be. Enjoy! (Just click on the "YouTube" icon to watch it on YouTube full size.)

May I say that the mama does a great job too??? Congratulations!! (This is one of those births that makes me think, "Ah, shucks! Let's have another one!") :)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Fun Stuff!

I loved these articles, but as usual, don't have the time to devote a separate blog entry for each!

So here goes....

First off! A video only marginally related to birth (okay, quite related, but only in the general sense of having to do with healthcare) - extremely funny! Hat tip to the Academic OB/GYN:

The Singing Doctors in "Damaged Care"

Next on our list! One of my favorites midwives, Stephanie Soderblom, has been blogging up a storm, and they're all worth checking out: "Pelvimetry" - and why she doesn't agree with the practice; "Vitamin K Injection and the Newborn" - Need I say? I agree!; and my favorite, "Public Breastfeeding" - an examination of the underlying issues concerning the western public's dislike and disgust with public nursing. I've been meaning to write almost the same article for quite a while, but she got there first! (As have several other bloggers.) So while you're waiting anxiously for my article, read hers! (It's probably better than mine would be anyway!) Also, an earlier post that I really liked - "Birth Plans" - dealing with the difficulties with and subtleties of the "birth plan" movement.

While dealing with other less-popular birth subjects, I saw this article and loved it....

The Down and Dirty

It's a subject that could use some airing in childbirth education classes. Not that I would know anything about the subject. I just mention it academically. *Ahem.* Moving on....

By the way, the blog mentioned above ("Push It! Push It Real Good!") is a new and wonderful blog by an L&D Nurse - definitely check it out!

Another blog I just discovered and love - "Midwife Thinking's Blog" - published this article on the OP (occiput posterior, or "sunny side up") baby:

"In Celebration of the OP Baby"

Good stuff! Great food for thought! The other articles that I perused on her blog are similarly excellent - I can't wait to read more! And did you note the awesome placenta picture on the top of her blog? Very neat!

I'm sure there is more, but dishes and family are calling-calling-calling, so ta ta for now! Have an awesome weekend, all!

Saturday, August 7, 2010


A blogging sister of mine went through the unspeakable grief of losing her infant this past week, at gestational age 13 weeks. I am grieving with her for the horrible loss she has suffered, especially after several previous miscarriages and secondary infertility.

I am posting the link to her miscarriage story, partly so that others can read about miscarriage, but mostly because she has posted the picture of her son, and it is beautiful. Absolutely gorgeous.

Before clicking on the link, be aware that this picture is a graphic, up-close-and-personal and very moving photo of a stillborn 13-weeks infant. It is not easy to look at, so if you are dealing with miscarriage issues or trigger issues, don't click. But if you do click, you will see a beyond-beautiful picture of a perfectly formed baby boy - a sweet, darling little one.

Tyrion Caelith

We are grieving with you, my friend.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Birth Video: Home Waterbirth

It's high time for a waterbirth around here, and thankfully Bellies and Babies has provided us with one! Thanks for sharing!