Thursday, October 9, 2008

A Brief Interlude

As I wrote on my other blog, I'm afraid that both of my blogs have been terribly neglected lately. We're in the busiest time of the year for our family and church (Bible studies, holiday prep, play groups, etc.), and we're also in the middle of a home purchase (it has only taken us 15 months of searching and 11 bids to find one!!). If all goes as planned, we should be moved in before Christmas. Of course, getting our life in order will take much longer. It generally takes me about 3 months to get settled into an apartment (and I've never done it with a toddler before!!), and with unpacking plus yard work (something new!) and home repairs/upkeep (also something new!) I wouldn't be surprised if it took us till June or longer to get really settled down.

Of course, I won't neglect this blog till June! But it may be a bit slow between now and the holidays.

I'm having a bit of confusion as to how I ought to formulate this blog - there is a conflict between the purely "official" - i.e. information, book reviews, statistics, etc., and the personal - my personal journey into the homebirth community. I would like to have a good mix, but I don't know if the two can mix. It'll be interesting to find out.

In terms of my personal journey, I have just been spending a lot of time reading, interacting with the Arizona Birth Network Yahoo! Group (this is a great source of information - try it!!!) and attending birth circle meetings. I haven't yet received the great epiphany into what I am destined to do in the homebirth/childbirth community. I may get the opportunity to participate in a doula training in February, though, and that should be a wonderful source of information and inspiration.

And now I'm off to retrieve some now-incinerated sweet potatoes from the oven! More later!

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