Thursday, November 20, 2008

Notes on Life

This is a cross-post from my other blog, "The Whining Puker"....

Just a quick note!

We got our house last week, and my parents have come out to AZ to help us get it livable - so my blogging time is apt to be very little over the next month or so - not to mention the fact that we're probably going back to dial-up after our move, so it may be reduced permanently! I don't know - we'll see. But I wanted to write a quick note to explain that this blog is not dead - it's just going to be on a bit of a sabbatical.

I'm learning a lot working on the house. Growing up, I groused so much about helping with home-improvement projects (which I do not enjoy) that my parents let me off the hook - with the result that until now, I have done nothing more home-improvement-wise than hang a picture! Seriously! This week I have been ridiculously proud of myself for learning to remove doorknobs!! LOL Hopefully a preview of more to come, for I am absurdly ignorant.

Our house is lovely, but it does have some serious issues due to severe neglect. Its previous owners didn't beat it to a pulp, like some other houses we saw, but they neglected it so badly that they might as well have. There are literally masses of cobwebs hanging from the ceiling!! And there are things like water damage from neglected leaks, corrosion from mineral build-up gone mad and not taken care of, appliances that have to be trashed because they weren't cleaned in so long that they're no longer redeemable, etc. But I'm learning a lot! And DS is having a blast having a larger space to roam and a bit yard to play in.

So that's about all! I'll try to check back in periodically. Love to all!!


  1. You'll do fine! I've never done too much of the home-improvement type stuff either, but I did see my dad do a lot (he was very handy, had been raised on a farm, and knew how to do just about everything -- and what he didn't know, he read about and did anyway!). Start small, and as you successfully tackle little projects (like door knobs -- which was a first for me, too, after we moved 2 years ago -- changing our locks), you'll build confidence to tackle bigger projects. Don't bite off more than you can chew -- keep at least part of your house livable while you tear down sheetrock or whatever needs to happen in other rooms. :-)


  2. Hey, I just realized that you're the Whining Puker! I saw your comment and finally put it together.


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