Sunday, January 18, 2009

Congratulations to the World's Newest VBA3C-Mama!

My biggest congratulations go to N., who this week had an unmedicated VBA3C birth (VBA3C = vaginal birth after three cesarean section births). What an accomplishment!

In today's political climate, it is becoming rare to find physicians who will encourage, or even allow, VBAC births. Most want mothers to agree to repeat cesareans. It is virtually impossible to find a doctor who will "allow" a VBA2C, and absolutely unheard-of to find one who will do a VBA3C. Thus, N. has all of my admiration for carrying her point and achieving her goal of many years - a natural, unmedicated birth following her three traumatic surgical births (none of which, I believe she has said, were medically necessary - all were encouraged and/or forced by her obstetrician).

What a good example to us all!


  1. Actually posted on the wrong post!!!! was this at home? or in the Hospital? I am in the same boat and due in march and no one here in Tucson will touch me now after 3c!!!! Need support!!!


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