Saturday, February 21, 2009

Great News for Arizona Mamas: A New Birth Center!

I forgot to post this a few weeks ago when I was made aware of it, but I wanted to get this out there ASAP!! One of Phoenix's distinguished midwives, Shell Walker, has taken a great leap and started a birth center in Phoenix. This is an extremely exciting move, as the entire Phoenix valley has been birth-center-less for about two years, ever since Bethany Birth Center was forced to close down due to costs.

You can see pictures of the new facility here:

Pictures of House for Birth Center

It's gorgeous!

I am going to post Shell's letter of announcement here so that everyone can see what's going on. She's looking for help getting everything off the ground, and it should be open to clients soon!

"Dear friends and family,

"I have exciting news to share!

"The long long dream of a birth center has finally come true!

"I am partnering with one of my clients Julia H.- attorney, and her husband Steven H.- financial advisor on this project. They are bringing their passion and professional experience to the table and it looks like their little girl will be the first baby born at the center!

"The property that we have selected is absolutely gorgeous, sits on an acre of irrigated land in the heart of the city! It is located just a few blocks off of Interstate I-10 and is conveniently located between Good Samaritan and St. Josephs hospital.

"Imagine families birthing in a lovely B&B setting complete with spa services, personalized care, and easy hospital access if needed. Gift shop, Baby announcements, Postpartum baby nurse and doula care, Birth photography, Childbirth classes, Family friendly.

"From Tucson to Denver, there is not a facility like this!

"We are set to take over the property on March 1st. and have a 15 year with an open option to purchase. The property can be viewed at:

"As well as some minor investment in the facility we would like to generate enough capitol to cover the first year of expenses. We have reached 30% of our goal and are looking for investors or groups of investors who would be interested in investing in this project.

"I will be overseeing the clinical aspect of the project which will be separate from the from the business and financial aspect of the facility and center; which Steven will be overseeing. If you are at all interested and would like more information, please contact Steven at:

"I know these are not exactly the best of times to seek investment, but you never know what folks might be interested in or capable of so I am putting this out there to you all.

"In lieu of finances, well wishes, good thoughts and emotional support will be greatly appreciated and accepted.


"P.S I am including several doulas and childbirth educators on this contact list because we would really like to have as much community involvement and support as possible. If you are a childbirth or health care professional and would like to explore how we might make this a truly successful COMMUNITY project, please drop me a line!"


  1. Hi there! I am local Birth Photographer and would love to get involved. I noticed that you plan to offer birth photography in this birthing center and wanted to share my work with you. Please visit my blog at to view the recent 2 births I photographed. I love reading your blog, as I am hoping to get pregnant this year and am very interested in natural childbirth. I have a lot to learn and your blog is so informative! Thank you for sharing. I had planned to write you an email, but could not find an address. I look forward to hearing from you!

    Pamela Nicole

  2. When is this going to be up and running? I am VERY interested in any info you have, could you comment back in this thread with any info you know? Thanks, Rachel


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