Thursday, August 20, 2009

Birth Plans

Thought I might as well post these in case anyone was interested! These are the final versions ("final" as in next-to-last-to-last-to-last-etc.) of my homebirth birth plan and my hospital-transport birth plan. Let me know if you think I've missed anything vital!

I find that writing a transport birth plan for a hospital birth was much easier than writing a planned-hospital-birth birth plan, simply because I know that if we end up in-hospital, I will most likely need any suggested interventions. Much simpler!

So here goes (with names/numbers obscured for privacy purposes) ......

Homebirth Birth Plan:

- All coaching is welcome. I could really use it!

- I’m really interested in the red line phenomenon, so if anyone has time, see if it occurs or snap a picture

- I’m really interested in the physiology of birth, so whenever I’m lucid I’d love to know what’s going on.

- BUT please do NOT tell me my dilation unless (1) I really need to know (i.e. it’s an emergency situation), or (2) It’s super encouraging, i.e. “complete.”

- If and when anyone has free time, I would LOVE all of the pictures/video footage that can be taken (of anything and everything).

- I would love a waterbirth, if at all possible.

- Hubby would love to catch, if possible (that is, if I let him!).

- We’d love to have our son around for as much of the birth as he’s capable of handling.

- Delayed cord clamping, please!

- Please, no cord traction unless really necessary!

- Last time I had horrible afterpains, so I would like to take some Advil/Ibuprofen as soon as the cord is cut to try to get a jump-start on preventing them. (If I forget to put Advil in the birth kit, it is in the master-bath over-sink cupboard.)

- The current plan is for placentophagy, both immediate and delayed (encapsulated). Remind me if I forget.

In Case of Transport: Hospital Birth Plan

- Parents: -------- & ---------

- To our hospital caregivers: Thank you for taking care of us!

- Our midwives are ----------- and ------------ of [Midwifery Business X] (000-000-0000). We ask that at least one of them be able to stay with us at all times.

- Depending on the reason for transport, we know that medical intervention to some degree will be necessary; however, we’d love to keep our birth as natural as possible (based on the circumstances)

- Please, no Cytotec for any reason

- If I need a non-emergency cesarean, remind me that I should consider a tubal ligation at that time

- For Baby: Please, no Hep B shot, eye ointment, formula or vitamin K (except in case of a physically traumatic birth). Please make sure in case of mother-baby separation that [hubby] stays with the baby.

- In a life-and-death emergency, please always prioritize the baby’s life over D’s

- If at all possible, we would like to take our placenta home with us.

- Thank you for your kindness, support, and care!

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  1. You're thinking about getting a tubal done if you have a cesarean? Interesting...

    Good birth plans!


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