Monday, October 12, 2009

Childbirth... for Men

Check out this video!

A quick summary: By using electrodes to stimulate abdominal muscle contractions, a man is able to experience a reasonable facsimile of "labor" - and it's fascinating to watch! He calls it quits sometime during active labor (before things get really interesting!), and of course, they didn't have anything that would simulate second-stage (pushing) and birth. But still, a great video and a great idea! Personally, I think all men should do this. :)

A couple of quick notes (and they'll have to be quick, as I'm trying to type with a baby in my arms):

- I found it fascinating to note how he responded to labor in similar ways to laboring women - similar noises, facial expressions, and instinctive body movements. He actually looked... like a woman in labor! Wow!

- I also found it interesting that he called it quits at a similar point to the point where most women get epidurals. This man needed a doula! LOL (Of course, I wouldn't voluntarily endure childbirth either if there was no baby at the end of it.)

Okay! Enough trying to type like a circus contortionist! You'll have to think of your own comments from here. :)

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  1. That was really cool!!

    I thought it was interesting that they used the gas, and then downplayed the risks of an epidural.

    But then again, if he was a real woman in labor at the hospital, they wouldn't be there and he probably would have gotten the epidural hours before haha.


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