Saturday, August 7, 2010


A blogging sister of mine went through the unspeakable grief of losing her infant this past week, at gestational age 13 weeks. I am grieving with her for the horrible loss she has suffered, especially after several previous miscarriages and secondary infertility.

I am posting the link to her miscarriage story, partly so that others can read about miscarriage, but mostly because she has posted the picture of her son, and it is beautiful. Absolutely gorgeous.

Before clicking on the link, be aware that this picture is a graphic, up-close-and-personal and very moving photo of a stillborn 13-weeks infant. It is not easy to look at, so if you are dealing with miscarriage issues or trigger issues, don't click. But if you do click, you will see a beyond-beautiful picture of a perfectly formed baby boy - a sweet, darling little one.

Tyrion Caelith

We are grieving with you, my friend.

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  1. Thank you so much for linking. That means the world to me.


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