Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Beautiful Birth Story in Pictures

Just had to check in really quickly to post a link to this birth story that my midwife posted on her birth blog - it is lovely, and is also really great birth photography - very clear pics of a waterbirth! These should be used to teach classes!! Someone needs to pic up on these for use in midwifery/med schools! Congrats to this family as they welcome their new little one.

Quick update on me: I am not dead, regardless of the evidence otherwise, and am starting to feel much better as the NVP gradually leaves. The next time I blog on my personal blog, I am going to start cross-posting the posts here, so that I can record my pregnancy on both blogs as it goes along. We are now 23 weeks, and the finish line is looking waaaayyyyy too close from here! Too much to do!

Love to all, I will check in soon!

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