Saturday, November 19, 2011

Local Article - Placenta Medicine Awesomeness!!

Check out this article, featuring several of our local Arizona birth professionals on the subject of placenta medicine!

Placenta pills treat baby blues, says local birthing community

I am really excited about this article, mainly because it is a major news outlet choosing to give a reasonable piece on placenta medicine, rather than the usual "Weird Hippie Mothers Practice Gross and Disgusting Tribal Cannibalism!" etc. etc. ad nauseum. This is a great change from the usual nonsense/tripe that is published on the subject.

Mamas of the world.... if you haven't checked out placenta medicine, please do! There is so much good to be said about it - the benefits are endless. So thankful that a few mamas might hear about this in the news!


  1. Sorry, this grosses me out. BUT...I can see how it could help. I mean, when folk have an underactive thyroid like I do we get synthetic levothyroxine to replace the hormone but at first ground animal thyroid was used to replace the hormones and many say it is better as it has all the hormones needed. A placenta must just be stocked full of hormones so as long as they are stable I can see how it would help to have a smoother transition from pregnancy to postpartum. Makes me wonder which hormones are important and if synthetic supplementation would be an alternative when some women suffer so badly from post partum depression etc. Just give me time to get used to the idea, I'm still in the icky phase and that's not very mature at all. Still, ***foodment warning PLACENTA end foodment***** just looks a bit weird. It's just too new an idea for me, I've never even heard of it. Just let me grapple with me response. are you going to have this encapsulation business?

  2. Hi, Sleepwalker!!! :) Yes, I'm definitely going to do placenta medicine this time around.... It made SUCH a huge difference between postpartum #1 and postpartum #2! Not sure of my methods this time. Last time I did my own encapsulating; this time I may just freeze it in pieces and make smoothies (grosser but less work, LOL). If you ever decide to do it but don't want to do it yourself, there are (at least here!) lots of women who do it for a fee, usually $100-$150. Worth it, definitely!! :)


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