Monday, July 9, 2012

Needing Help From Blogger Friends!

Okay, ladies... I need your help! Can anyone help with this issue?

I use the Blogger Reader (on my blog dashboard) to subscribe to blogs. It works beautifully, except for one thing - it won't let me unsubscribe from a blog. Subscribing is possible, but I cannot find out how to unsubscribe. Can anyone tell me how to do this?

If I click on the icon that says "manage reading list," it takes a super-long time to load the page and then says, "cannot do this, try again later." And this is not new - this happens every time.

I have tried using "View in Google Reader," which will "let" me unsubscribe, with one caveat - the blogs that I "unsubscribe" to are still there after unsubscribing!

Beyond frustrating.

What makes this even more frustrating is the fact that I have recently been spontaneously subscribed to some weird "near-porn" blog (where did this come from???) and, of course, I can't unsubscribe from it - or the other fifty or so blogs I'd like to drop from my reader.

I would love some help if anyone knows the secret!


  1. i wish i knew this also. blogger has so many problems

  2. Jennifer - I'm glad I'm not just imagining things, LOL! I'll post if I ever get it figured out.

  3. try this-
    mouse over the name of the blog at the left side of the screen where the blog list appears. you will see a small arrow / pointer pointing down. click on that and you will get a drop-down list, from where you can unsubscribe.
    hope this helps.


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