Friday, September 21, 2012

What You Shouldn't Have to Expect When You're Expecting

Yesterday, I saw something that I found extremely disturbing. A friend, pregnant, posted some of her baby's ultrasound pictures on Facebook. Amid the "congratulations!" posts was this comment, which went (paraphrased) like this:
"Hey! Don't you know that if you take a whole bunch of morning-after pills you can get rid of that? Ha, ha! Just kidding!"
Yes, this person was joking. But that's not funny. It's sick. Have we sunk so low as a culture that babies are now referred to in the same category as unwanted household pests?

However, in a society that currently aborts 22% of its precious little ones, I guess it shouldn't be surprising. When human life is disposable, it is also cheap.

This saddened me so very much.


  1. Absolutely disgusting, and no doubt highly offensive to the mother.

    I am currently 14 weeks pregnant with my third child, and I can't believe how many people have expressed shock or disapproval at my (and my husband's!) decision to have another baby. In fact, almost everyone who hears my news proceeds to ask me whether or not it was planned. Apparently wanting more than two children is not something most people can fathom. I have been really offended by these questions and comments. Babies are blessings! I wish people would keep these sorts of negative comments to themselves, even if they are trying to make a joke.

  2. Fern - Congratulations on your newest little one! How exciting!

    I know exactly what you mean! I haven't started to get the "large family" derogatory comments ("Don't you know what causes that?" etc.), but we do get "the look," and we have gotten comments of the lines of "Did you MEAN to do THAT?" ever since the advent of #2. People for sure need to start realizing that children are a blessing, not a curse!!!

  3. This saddens and angers me very much also. Thank you for sharing your feelings on this. Children are a blessing, and each one has a purpose. My husband and I have been blessed with 5. I know that many children are conceived in less than desirable circumstances, but someone somewhere wants them. They deserve to live!


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