Monday, March 18, 2013

Unassisted Hospital Birth Video! (Plus Some Random Musings)

Or rather, an "unassisted" birth, as this birth was attended by a (wonderful!) nurse who helped to catch in the doctor's absence. This was a beautiful, powerful birth! Great job to this mama! Note the quintuple-wrap cord, and how calmly and beautifully the nurse handles it!

This mama did an awesome job, and so did her nurse! Thank you to my midwife, Stephanie, for sharing this on her practice's Facebook Page!

Speaking of birth stories, have you homebirthers out there ever spent any time considering how you would birth twins? I have! (I am the queen of pondering hypothetical situations.) Though both DH and I have agreed that we would most likely birth twins at home, this rather scary local birth story of twins completely confirmed that decision. Any twins that we are ever blessed with will be birthed AT HOME. Even great midwives can't guarantee a dignified or respectful hospital birth. Thoughts, all?

Have a great night, everyone!

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