Friday, May 16, 2014

Video: Surprise Twin Homebirth!

Have you all seen this video yet? It was posted a year or so ago, but I just recently ran across it.

Wow, what a birth!

This birth is a planned midwife-attended homebirth - the surprise comes when "birthing the placenta" suddenly transforms into "Um, that's another baby!"

The midwife mentions in the early part of the video that the mother had mentioned "twins" several times, and both midwife and mama commented that Baby A was rather small for a singleton (heh heh heh). And then... Baby B makes his entrance!

I have read several surprise-twin birth stories - and my husband himself would have been a surprise twin had his mother not insisted on an X-ray. But this is the first surprise-twin birth video that I've seen, and I was overjoyed to find such a treasure.

One thing that surprised me greatly was the fact that Baby B's birth seemed even rougher on mama than Baby A's birth. I had always assumed that the second birth of a twin arrival would be super-easy. Not so! However, I've seen the same thing in other twin birth videos. Perhaps because the mother is already tender from the first birth, and the second is just adding insult to injury? Not sure.

Enjoy! And congratulations to this sweet family!

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