Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Blogging Break

DH and DS and I attended the "Be BOLD" Birth Fair on Monday (yesterday). It was awesome! Lots of booths by midwives and birth doulas and postpartum doulas and birth photographers and childbirth educators - and more!! I picked up a couple of cards and got to meet some people. It is great finally being able to put some names and faces together with people I am starting to meet in Phoenix's wonderful, wonderful natural birth community. They're a great group of women! Hopefully I can eventually find my place among them rather than just being a groupie. :) My wonderful midwife and her team of apprentices had their own lovely booth, and it was fun to see all of them together.

I'll be hosting some family for the next week and thus will not be blogging for at least a few days! In the meantime I'll be reading all the books listed on the sidebar, working toward more book reviews.

Until then, love to all!

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