Friday, September 12, 2008

Blogs, Blogs Everywhere!

Well, so much for an original idea!

Once you find a good natural-childbirth blog, you see the "list of related blogs" on the side. So you start clicking - and each of those blogs has a list of more blogs - and they're all (for the most part!) WONDERFUL!!! Although I had no idea that I was following such a well-trodden path with this blog, I am so glad to have so many blogging sisters out there in bloggerland! This blog hasn't been around long enough to be linked from other blogs, but I will hope to aspire to that goal at some point in the future.

These blogs are by all sorts - mothers, midwives, L&D nurses, doulas, and regular citizens (like me!) commited to normal, natural, intervention-free childbirth. Hello, you wonderful women!!

One really great blog out there is "Woman to Woman Childbirth Education", and I encourage you to check it out! In this authoress I have found wonderful information, a similar life philosophy and a host of childbirth questions answered accurately and thoroughly. If you have a question, it's likely that she'll have an answer!

While on my blogging break I finished two pregnancy books. One I have reviewed on my hyperemesis blog, and I will be cross-posting it here as soon as I'm done making changes to it. My second, "From Here to Maternity," I will be reviewing here soon.

In real life.... Our house-guests are gone, our house search is progressing, and I'm just keeping busy running about madly after our oh-so-active toddler!!

Two of my friends are pregnant right now, and I am vicariously enjoying their pregnancies. One is having a homebirth, and one is going to be attempting a natural in-hospital birth. She almost decided to have a homebirth in order to avoid the possibility of delivering with her OB's horrible partner, but after speaking to him, her OB told her that he would come in for her no matter what time she delivered. Isn't that great? She is a Bradley-mama who made it through 18 hours of unmedicated labor with her first (I couldn't have done that if drugs had been available to me!) and is going for a natural birth with baby #2. We're so excited for both wonderful ladies!

Well, housework calls! Love to all,

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