Monday, September 21, 2009

Local Arizona Midwife Article: Stephanie Soderblom

This is so awesome! It is a great (and positively written!) article on one of our local midwives, Stephanie Soderblom, whom I have met through our local birth circle, and who is an amazing midwife - check it out!

Bringing Babies Home

For anyone interested in reading more about Stephanie, here is her website:

Nurturing Hearts Birth Services

Stephanie runs what is probably one of the largest birth-services organizations in the state - her office has a maternity (and family) chiropractor, a massage therapist, two midwives and numerous apprentice midwives, not to mention the childbirth classes, doula and childbirth education certification classes, birth circle meetings and other workshops/events that her office hosts!

Arizona has an absolutely amazing community of licensed midwives, and it's always great to see one get the recognition she deserves!

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  1. That was a great interview. I know the writer, Brittney. She's awesome. Met her at my doula training last Feb. :-)


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