Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Lovely, Lovely, Lovely Home Waterbirth Video!

A friend on the Arizona Birth Network posted her birth video from the birth of her son this past May. I am so pleased and excited to share it, with her permission!

Katie's Birth of Baby Lincoln: A Home Waterbirth

Can I say that I loved - LOVED - this video? It brought tears to my eyes from the sheer beauty. Many, many congratulations to this sweet mama and her family.

Some things I especially loved about this video:

I loved the combination of still photos and video footage. I would love to do that with my birth pics/video if I knew how! A great way to combine the artistry of photography with the reality of video footage. Beautiful.

I also loved how real this birth was. It showed the pain and the effort alongside the beauty and the power. It was a truly honest look at natural birth - all aspects of it. I loved that.

And also, this was just a great birth. Great support from the husband and the birth team, respectful and loving care from the midwife, undisturbed birth conditions leading to a physiologic birth (note, again, the longer second stage with an absence of the "Push! Push! PUSH!" mantra so typical in traditional American birth). Good stuff.

This was a beautiful birth! Thank you for sharing!

Also, in honor of this video, I have started a new sidebar! (I know, I know, "Stop with the sidebars, for crying out loud!" I can't help myself.) The name of it - "Beautiful Birth Videos"! This is first on the list, and I'll be adding gradually. I want mothers out there to have a list of good, positive birth videos to watch instead of the horrific ones (or highly fictional ones) on television. Here's to a wonderful start!

Just lovely.

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