Friday, May 13, 2011

The Joys of Homebirthing

Found this randomly on a (wonderful!) homemaking blog I follow, Passionate Homemaking:

The Joys of Homebirthing

I love her list of reasons why homebirth is awesome, and I love what she concludes about homebirth:

"Birthing each of my children has been a empowering experience and a sanctifying work in my own heart. It has changed me more than any other process, event or circumstance. I have had to lean on the Lord more intimately than ever before. And in the process, I have grown to truly love the birthing process. I have learned that fear only tightens our muscles and causes delay in birth, whereas a wholehearted embracing and working together with contractions and pain has allowed for a smooth, peaceful transition into motherhood. God designed this pain to bring that fruitful sanctification in my own heart and He extends grace for every birthing environment."
 Just lovely! Thank you for sharing!

(And if anyone out there is wondering, yes.... this blog above is an awesome blog! I love reading it!)

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  1. Birthing at home is very common to families because of various reasons. Some prefer to give birth at home and some are just caught by circumstances. But I think, birthing at home gives a genuine joy to the family.


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