Monday, August 29, 2011

Finally, Someone Saying What I Want to Hear: Kegels

Have I ever mentioned how thoroughly and deeply I dislike kegels?

If not, here you have it: I loathe kegels. Utterly loathe-dislike-despise them. To me, the feeling of doing kegels is something akin to the sound of nails on a chalkboard. Except it's much worse.

The only time I manage to force myself to do kegels is when I am pregnant and working toward a deadling (childbirth!), and then I usually do them with my legs crossed as hard as I can so that I can't feel them. And then I add in a loudly sung Austrian drinking song to further distract my mind from them.

So much for "the exercise that you can do and no one will know you're doing them!" (I think the Austrian drinking song is what gives it away.)

Well, I am happy to report - kegeling is no more for me! Thank you to the author of this article!

Why You Should Stop Doing Kegels

And now I'm off to squat - infinitely preferable in any amount to those awful kegels!

Is anyone else out there with me, or am I the only wimp who can't stand those things?

Later note: I realized, after writing this post, that while I was overjoyed to see this article, most birth professionals still do recommend kegels. If you like kegels, believe them to be beneficial, or have received benefit from doing them, I certainly do not want to discourage you from doing them! Kegel away. This post really just was a reflection of my personal joy at finding a reason not to do something that I thoroughly dislike, not a lecture to the world to stop doing kegels. Please, do your research and make the decision that you are comfortable with.


  1. Diana, I am really surprised and taken off guard by the article you posted. I am a physiotherapist and I have advised many women to do Kegels to help with incontinence, but htis article gives a different perspective. But there is one more thing, the article says squatting helps the PF muscles and here in India, we squat every time we use the toilet, but this has in no way reduced the issues of incontinence in the women I have met. Take me for instance, post-delivery I did have issues with incontinence, but I squat almost 10 times a day (apart form using the restroom) and Kegels was really helpful to me. Now, i wonder what to do?!

  2. This is a subject in which I am FAR from expert, in fact, my ignorance is astounding - I really rely on experts for this one. I would just say - if women find kegels helpful, go for it! But for women like myself who find them torturous, I'm glad to find something else. Whatever works for each individual woman!! :)


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