Saturday, September 24, 2011

More on the Pill

I came across this article today, and it sums up my stance on birth control pills very nicely (that is, the ethical problems with the pill, which also applies to the IUD):

What About the Use of Birth Control Pills?

Again, it's not really my intention to start up huge abortion wars in the comment section. I am very pro-life and I believe that every human being is unique, precious, and sacred from the moment of conception until natural death - and this blog reflects that belief. Please keep the comments thoughtful and non-combative.

One more fascinating note on the pill - an article this week from Birth Faith dealing with the issue of histocompatibility, and how use of the pill interferes with the process of MHG (major histocompatibility gene) mate selection:

Mate Selection

Never in a hundred years would I have thought of that one!

Good stuff, ladies! Thanks!

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  1. Love this! I was just telling my long-distance boyfriend last night about how I miss his smell! It's nice to know I'm not crazy! =P


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