Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Birth Plans, Final Versions

Here they are! (I welcome all input!!) One for home, one for transport:


Homebirth Birth Plan

- Please take lots and lots of pictures and videos! Of anything and everything, both graphic and modest. Would love pics of umbilical cord progression and also of red line phenomenon.

- I prefer to avoid cervical checks. In case it’s really necessary, please do not tell me my dilation unless it’s really necessary or it’s super-encouraging (i.e. complete!)

- I need lots of verbal support, coaching, and encouragement – please! And don’t be surprised that I’m really wimpy and extremely loud.

- For afterpains: Placenta smoothie as soon as the placenta is available – yogurt and OJ in fridge, mixed berries and bananas in freezer, blender on counter. Thank you!!! Also, I’d like to take four Advil and some Arnica and our afterpains tincture as soon as baby is out.

- Birth team – Snacks in fridge! Remember not to park on the street if it is Wednesday or Friday (use driveway or center section).

- Joe would love to catch and also cut the cord (delayed!).

- C. (our son) may or may not want to be present for the birth (undecided).

- In case of hospital transport:

o Someone grab the hospital bag, camera, and video camera

o Nab the placenta pronto! Don’t let it get away! Very important!

o Please do everything possible to advocate for delayed cord clamping, regardless of how the birth ends up (even with c/s).

o I would love still to practice placenta medicine as soon as is humanly possible.

o In case of cesarean, let’s talk probiotics for baby.

o Please make sure, in case of mother-baby separation, that one midwife/student/doula stays with both baby and Diana (esp. baby)


Hospital Transport Birth Preferences

- Parents: Diana J. & Joe J.

- To our hospital caregivers: Thank you for taking care of us!

- Our midwife is Stephanie S. (xxx-xxx-xxxx). Our doula is Rose D. (xxx-xxx-xxxx). We ask that one or both of them be able to stay with us at all times.

- I love verbal encouragement & coaching, the more the better.

- I tend to be rather loud during labor. Please just ignore me, I’ll be fine.

- I prefer to avoid cervical checks. In case it’s really necessary, please do not tell me my dilation unless it’s really necessary or it’s super-encouraging (i.e. complete!)

- Please do not clamp/cut the umbilical cord until it is completely finished pulsing, preferably until the placenta is out. We would love it if any neonatal resuscitation could be done near Diana so that the cord can remain intact. In case of cesarean, please still leave the cord to pulse as long as is possible. Joe would love to cut the cord.

- I would like an unmanaged 3rd stage and to deliver the placenta without assistance. Please, no Pitocin outside of emergency circumstances.

- We will take our placenta home with us.

- In case of cesarean birth: We would love still to have delayed cord clamping (as much as possible) during a cesarean birth.

- For Baby: Please, no Hep B shot, eye ointment, newborn screen (we will do this in a few days), or vitamin K (except in case of a physically traumatic birth). We will be breastfeeding. We would love uninterrupted mother-baby time immediately following the birth, baby’s health allowing.

- Thank you for your kindness, support, and care!


Questions? Thoughts? Anything to add?


  1. Placenta smoothie? Never heard of that, but whatever floats your boat. The only thing I would check in to is the erythromycin ointment. I think it is law that it has to be placed within an hour of delivery. At least I know it is here in KY. If parents choose, we just wait until the one hour mark to place it. And maybe I just skimmed over it, but intermittent monitoring if you are in the hospital if that is possible and a labor tub if possible :)

  2. KY Nurse - Thanks for commenting!

    - Placenta smoothie - I know it sounds weird, but WOW does it work wonders for taming afterpains and balancing postpartum emotions. It was night and day difference between my two births for afterpains (and 2nd births are supposed to be worse with afterpains). You can read about my experience and check out websites under the placenta smoothie sidebar here on my blog. Here in the valley we have lots of people who will do placenta encapsulation, and I hear consistent rave reviews from the effects.

    We are thankfully able to avoid the antibiotic eye ointment by signing off on it.

    We are birthing at home, but our midwives do intermittent doppler monitoring throughout the labor - they do a great job.

    I'll probably spend my whole labor and birth in the tub (that's been what worked the past two times), though I'm not counting out a land birth. Couldn't do labor without water, though!!! It's awesome.

    Thanks for writing!! :)

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  4. Your birth plan is wonderful! Well thought out and beautifully written!


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