Thursday, January 26, 2012

Quick Check-in (38w2d)

We're getting down to the wire, aren't we? Exciting stuff!

This week has been super-busy - activities and chores everywhere! If we can get through this weekend, I'm going to try to slow down and relax for a bit (ha!). Not that the nesting hormones will let me do that, but it sounds good on paper.

A few sound bytes from our week....

Speaking of nesting! You know you're nesting.....
..... when you are up at eleven o'clock at night scrubbing down your kitchen floor with Comet. And furthermore, when you enjoy it! (Should I be worried that I no longer have feeling in two finger-tips?) The floor really needed it (I had noticed for the past few months that washing the floor still produced a dirty-looking floor), but now it's made me a bit paranoid. ("Ack! No! Don't step on the floor!") I know that it won't last long, but I'm enjoying it while it's clean. And I'm doing my best to start a new no-shoes policy to save our poor floors and carpets (local friends, this is for family only - not visitors!). I'm also considering keeping the stroller in the garage, since it leaves such lovely black tracks behind it every time we bring it through the kitchen (anyone ever tried that?).

Pregnancy Beliefs:
A lot of people really go for the "how you're carrying shows what gender you're having" belief! I've had several people spontaneously evaluate me this way, though results are still inconclusive. :)

This week, a fond farewell to....
.... my oldest maternity shirt, which has been with me through three pregnancies. I ignored the fact that, by now, it was totally worn out... I ignored the fact that I'd recently gotten bleach stains on it... But when it started ripping spontaneously down the arms, I had to admit defeat. Farewell, sweet shirt! But on a happier note, I have managed to procrastinate my way out of shopping for (desperately needed) maternity clothes this pregnancy. If we are ever blessed with another, I will have to (*sob!*) break down and go shopping.

Various odd things:
Isn't it interesting how one's brain will, during sleep, incorporate real-time happenings into one's dream sequences? Last night I dreamed that someone was shouting "Insolent girl! I see nothing in it but your own willful ignorance and the malice of Mr. Darcy!" (Name the volume, scene, and character, fellow Austen fans!) Upon waking, I discovered that it had been the baby crying, translated into an Austen scene! Amazing mind games.

Huge personal accomplishment:
My first haircut in..... over two years!! Have I mentioned that I have a problem with procrastination?

In HG news....
Big congratulations to Sleepwalker on the birth of her new baby! Can't wait to see pictures, my friend! This is definitely the year for HG mamas to produce big babies!

Odd happenings:
On Tuesday, as we were leaving to see our midwife, we heard what sounded like two quick gunshots. Later that evening we learned that those shots had been the end of a standoff between a suicidal man and police who had been called to the scene. He threatened police with his gun and ended up getting shot. A very odd and uncomfortable feeling to know that we heard the shots that ended a man's life, and such a sad happening for his family. We don't know them, but they live within a stone's throw of our house (over the wall into another neighborhood).

Pregnancy stuff:
Feeling fairly well - just tired, nauseated, and rather painful - but fine and busily concocting new nesting projects as soon as I finish old ones. The sad thing - there is no way I could ever keep this house as clean as my personal liking (which is at "museum" level)..... unless I had a personal maid. Thus, I vote to bring back the era of domestic servants! (I'm still waiting!!) No signs of impending labor, and at the moment I'm just trying to work through this crazy-busy week.

I'll try to check in again soon if I can! Love to all!

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