Tuesday, April 10, 2012

You Want a Breech? I'll SHOW YOU A BREECH!

And here it is!

A primip (first-time mum) home frank breech, attended by a doctor. The story is told in the video:

This mama did an awesome job! And it was so fascinating to see a detailed breech video! Good stuff. Thoughts, anyone?

This birth did make me a bit nervous, I must admit... while I was waiting for the head, all I could think of was "Head entrapment! Head entrapment!" Thankfully I knew in advance that this birth had a happy ending, but I am very understanding of why most practitioners won't do footling breeches (that's when breech can truly turn nasty - this birth was a frank breech, which is much safer to attempt vaginally) and why specialized knowledge is necessary to assist at breeches. And the baby also made me nervous - that was one floppy baby. Thankfully he pinked up quickly!

Thoughts, anyone? Health care practitioners, would you be comfortable attending a breech at home? What about a primip breech? What about different types of breeches, like kneeling or footling?

Thanks to this family for sharing!

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  1. I'm not sure what state this was in - here in Arizona, our licensed midwives can't legally attend home breeches either (hoping to change that soon). However, CNMs and MDs and NDs can attend breeches - I believe in any state - and this birth was attended by an MD.


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