Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Children Are a Blessing Series!

I cannot wait to read this new series at a great blog that I read! Growing Home is starting a new series, "Children Are a Blessing" - check it out!

Here is the intro about the series:
"In a world where it's trendy, convenient, and sadly - normal - to view children as commodities which can be controlled to best satisfy our wants and "needs," it can be a difficult decision to leave our fertility in the hands of the Life-Giver who calls them Blessings.

"Who are we to trust when the experts tell us "no more?" How do we deal with our desire for more children while experiencing the pain of infertility? If God calls children blessings, then why does He allow miscarriage? What about special needs children? How do I know if God is calling us to adopt? What if my husband has already had a vasectomy?

"Welcome to a month-long series that will showcase real-life stories from women all across North America who've dealt with sheer exhaustion, complicated pregnancies, reversals, miscarriage, special needs, multiples, infertility, and much more with one, over-arching theme: God's grace and faithfulness to His word."
Join me in reading what this awesome blogger has to say over the coming weeks! 

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