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It's New! It's Improved! It's.... New and Improved!

Hi, everyone!

I am cross-posting this from my hyperemesis (extreme morning sickness) blog, as I thought some of you birth professionals might like to see it! This is my plan and list for preparing my body for future pregnancies in the hope of avoiding or moderating the severe NVP (nausea and vomiting of pregnancy) to which I am so unfortunately prone. Please feel free to peruse, ask questions, and leave suggestions or comments!

For other great examples of HG plans/protocols, see Knocked Up, Knocked Over and various lists at (like this one).

You will notice that I don't have a detailed plan for HG treatment - it's mostly pre-conception. I pray that I never need that, but I'm not sure what I would write other than "Go to hospital and pray that I get treated well." Definitely a weak point.

Pre-Conception Plan


  • Diet

    • Clean (no junk food, get rid of additives)
    • Low sugar, low grain, no wheat
    • Very Low Carb (VLC) as soon as cycle returns
    • Lemon water (for alkalinity & liver cleansing)

  • Supplements

    • Multi (Super Mom)
    • Vitamin D
    • Alfalfa
    • Alpha Lipoic Acid
    • Vitamin C
    • Kelp
    • Vitamin B complex
    • Fish oil
    • Milk Thistle (look for brands with phytosome)
    • Yearly Liver Cleanse (dates done: May 2011, May 2012)
    • Perhaps DHA
    • Probiotics (Tummy Tune-Up by Beeyoutiful, see reference to NVP in link) 
    • Magnesium
      • Tablet form (Mg/Ca/Zinc)
      • Liquid Calcium-Magnesium
      • Epsom Salts for bathing and foot baths (evidence shows that magnesium is absorbed best transdermally rather than by oral supplement)

  • Exercise

    • Especially weight bearing exercises, since muscle mass helps with insulin/glucose metabolism. (Am I doing this? Noooo.)

  • Sunlight


  • Find a naturopath

    • I have several recommendations, plus the local naturopathic college.

  • Contact acupuncturist

    • I have the name, just need to confirm.


  • Bible verse memorization

    • Right now I am working on Psalm 121. I find that having Scripture verses to recite during stressful or panicky times is truly a lifeline, and it's one that I want to develop more fruitfully. 

Personal & Practical

  • Make the most of the time!

    • I find that the thought of future HG helps me to treasure my healthy times, and encourages me to use my time wisely - to take every advantage of time with my children, to train my children as much as possible in character and practical skills, etc. 

  • Work on organizational projects as much as possible



  • Diet

    • Strict VLC (very low carb)
    • Start protein shakes (zero-carb version)
    • Constant snacking - every hour at least
    • Lemon water - lots of it! 

  • Supplements

    • Add more epsom salts baths (daily)
    • Add Morning Sickness Comfort
    • Add digestive enzymes


  • Start Vitamin B/Magnesium/Folate shots at naturopathic college

  • Contact acupuncturist to let her know in advance
  • Get appointment with OB/GYN for Zofran prescription


  • Pray!

Personal & Practical

  • Buy paper supplies (plates, bowls, utensils)

  • Good resources for food for family while unable to cook: 
    • Fruit & vegetable platters 
    • Rotisserie chicken
    • Lunch meat
    • Easy kid snacks - gold fish, healthy bars, raisins, juice boxes, cheese sticks, cheerios & dry cereals

  • Arrange for housekeeping help if we need it.


And there you have it! Additional ideas, anyone? 

Feel free to let me know if you have questions about any of the above. (You will also find more specific links on the larger protocol.)

Happy Sabbath, everyone! 

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