Friday, January 4, 2013

We're Famous at Last!

My midwife does an incredibly sweet year-end round-up blog entry in which she summarizes each and every one of her births for the year. This year, we are included! Visit her blog to see her list of 2012 babies. Here is her summary of our latest baby's birth!
"Giles – Such a sweet family you joined that beautiful morning! Being born in the bathtub has sort of become a tradition to your mother as you joined your two big brothers as a waterbaby. This soft-spoken gentle soul that is your mother was a pillar of strength and inspiration as she quietly labored and then, with two roars, birthed you and brought you up into her arms. She was so peaceful that your daddy almost didn’t make it in the room as he was busy feeding your brother breakfast! (when we called for him because you were coming out, we scared him because the urgency in our voice for him to hurry made me think something might be wrong! Poor guy…) But everything was very right and you are a perfect little boy!"
And I especially love her loving tribute to those babies whose stay on earth ended before birth, leaving their parents with empty arms:
"And to the 11 babies who couldn’t be here with us, who had to leave before they could be held…..I will never forget you either. I shared tears with your parents who yearned to see you and hold you. Thank you for the gifts you could share with me, and I’m just sorry it couldn’t be for longer."
We have such a sweet midwife, and we appreciate this blog entry! Printing this one for the baby book, for sure!

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