Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Back-to-the-Breast Tip

While researching the subject of "how to get baby off the bottle and back on the breast," I was able to find almost no information on the subject. Almost all articles I found dealt with the reverse - how to wean baby off the breast onto the bottle. Sad! But anyhow, a sweet commenter left the following advice, and I wanted to share it with the internet community because it sounds great! Here it is:

"First, take a nipple from the bottle that the baby is used to drinking from. Cut the whole large enough for your nipple to be partly exposed. Place the bottle nipple over your nipple and allow the baby to nurse that way. I would express a little milk first so the baby gets something right away from the nipple. Each time you nurse, progressively cut the whole a bit larger until you have only the "ring" of the nipple base over your own breast. The baby will gradually be taking more and more of your breast and finally be weaned off bottle nipples."

I would try this, but as a matter of fact (drum roll, please!!!)..... Baby doesn't need the help anymore! That's right! Baby Breastfeeding Bootcamp (i.e. going cold turkey on the bottle, after all else had failed) worked beautifully, and baby has not had a bottle since Saturday morning. He has been breastfeeding beautifully after catching up on his skills over a 72 hour period, and things are wonderful. The bottles are back in their packaging, and the breastpump goes back to the breastfeeding store on Saturday. Much rejoicing!!


  1. That is a gread idea. I would have never thought of that.
    I'm so glad things worked out:)

  2. Yay!! That will make things a lot easier for you I'm sure.

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