Wednesday, February 17, 2010

HBA3C Story

One of my doulas, Nikki, is a HBA3C mama (that is, she had a homebirth after three cesareans - could also be written as a VBA3C, or vaginal birth after three cesareans). Her midwife has written out Nikki's VBA3C birth story - check it out!

A True Story of Triumph

Very neat stuff, especially in a world where doctors are pushing for repeat elective cesareans after only one cesarean (which is what got Nikki two more cesareans after her first).

Nikki is an amazing woman and a top-notch doula and childbirth educator here in the valley... it was fun to read her story at last!

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  1. I love her story! It's so empowering and gives hope to other vbac moms. Thanks for sharing this!


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