Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Interview with a Doula

Check this out! This is one of my amazing, wonderful, superb doulas, Rose Day:

A Hand to Hold Through Labor and Birth

A brief snippet:

“I come as soon as the mom wants me, whether that’s at home with early contractions or at the hospital,” says Rose Day, a birth doula and doula trainer for Nurturing Hearts Birth Services ( “After the birth, lots of moms say they couldn’t have done it without me. I don’t believe that. They could. But the feeling of having been supported, of having someone there to take care of you and make sure you have what you want makes all the difference in a birth experience.”

"Studies show that constant support from a doula increases the mom’s chances of having a natural birth, but doulas are trained to provide support for any type of birth situation, including a scheduled Cesarean.

“Many times I work as much with dad or grandma as I do mom,” says Day. “I have different roles at every birth. It’s nice for dad because if I’m there he doesn’t have to worry about remembering everything from the childbirth class or feeling responsible for what’s going on when he’s never been through it before.”

Doulas a wonderful things to have, and Rose is one of the best. If you're in the area, give her a call! If you're not in the area, get someone else - but don't birth without one! Doulas are amazing women, and birth is so much better with their help!!

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