Tuesday, February 2, 2010

VBAC in Local News!

This is more on the story of Joy Szabo (who, being threatened with a court-ordered cesarean in her home-town hospital, temporarily moved here to Phoenix for a VBAC), and I thought it was pretty cool that I knew two of the people in the newscast! Sally Stevens, Joy's doula and leader of our local ICAN chapter, and my OB Dr. Brass-Jones, are both interviewed here:

Joy Szabo Interview

I actually had no idea that Dr. Brass was Joy's OB - what a fun connection, and what a neat thing for Dr. Brass!

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  1. Sally is so wonderful. I am glad she was our doula friend at our birth.

    And although I see that it got the news coverage, I have to ask why there was nothing about the VBAC benfits.

    Yes it is controversial. Yes Csecs should be available in the emergency cases. But they aren't always necesseary. Fear is not an emergency. Its a feeling. Not a reason.

    Birth, in general involves some risks. Right?


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