Friday, April 23, 2010

Articles: Dads and Doulas

I cross-posted this article as soon as I saw it! I love it!

Dads and Doulas

In attending community birth events, one of the most common refrains that I hear is "I would really like a doula, but my husband doesn't want one." That is a completely normal human response from a loving husband who wants to take care of his wife and protect and care for her, but it's also an unfortunate response - because doulas truly are a dad's best friend! There's no question! A doula is there for the dad as well as for the laboring mother, and she can be of tremendous help to the father - helping him through hospital lingo, dealing with hospital personnel for him, giving him a break during a long labor, reassuring him, encouraging him, suggesting ways for him to help his wife - in fact, I'd say that a husband has a better chance of being helpful to his wife when they have a doula rather than otherwise.

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