Friday, April 23, 2010

Office-Opening Party Pictures

Here are some lovely, lovely pictures from my midwife's new-office-opening party last week! It is a gorgeous office and was a great party!

New Office Party!

We have now been with our midwife for five offices! We signed on with her during the last week when she was seeing clients in her house. I remember that visit so well - we were sitting with her and her student in her room, talking... I was feeling quite nauseated, but I was still at the "I'm nauseated! This is so exciting!" stage - as opposed to the soon-to-come "I'm nauseated and I'm going to die!" stage, and everything was fun and exciting. Then she moved into her first office (still my all-time favorite), then for our next baby we saw her in offices nos. 3 and 4, and now #5! Good, good memories. I have special memories of each office.... the best of times.

Good luck to our wonderful midwife and her new partner in this new space!

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