Friday, January 28, 2011

Embryo Adoption Birth Story

Last Saturday, Arizona welcomed its newest Embryo Adoption baby - born to our friends Todd and Jen. We haven't met the little bub yet, but we can't wait to do so.

For anyone new to the concept, Embryo Adoption is a form of adoption in which a couple formally adopts the IVF embryo-babies of another couple who cannot transfer all of their embryos. It is different from embryo donation in that a formal adoption process is used, in order to honor the babies and their personhood, instead of just giving them informally ("donation") from one couple to another.

Anyhow, our friends are the proud adopted-parents of twelve embryo babies - five are now in heaven, six are still in waiting, and one is now in their arms after more than five long years of infertility. We are rejoicing with them!

You can read their birth story here:

Matthew's Birth Story

It is detailed, it is intense, it is very moving. It also presents a viewpoint a bit different from the one I usually present on this blog, so that's a good change of pace. Check it out and see!

And considering that this was a very difficult pregnancy for my friend (hyperemesis, subchorionic hemorrhage, preterm labor, posterior baby, among other joys), I can now say that she's been through just about everything! Yikes! 

Welcome, Baby Matthew!

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