Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Great Posts on Optimal Fetal Positioning

Just when I think I've finally found all the good birth blogs out there, another dozen or so show up! Today I found one that I can't wait to catch up on - Natural Birth in Kitsap. Check it out! I especially loved a series she did on Optimal Fetal Positioning - a must-read:

Optimal Fetal Positioning: How Baby's Position Can Alter Your Labor

Optimal Fetal Positioning: The Fetal Head

Optimal Fetal Positioning: Putting the Pieces Together

Optimal Fetal Positioning: Putting Optimal Fetal Positioning into Practice

I can't wait to go through this more thoroughly and brush up! Loved the pictures, too! 


  1. I'm so pleased you enjoyed my OFP posts! I appreciate the links.

  2. Thank you, Amy! Yes, they are AWESOME! I can't wait to go back and read in more detail! They were truly excellent. I was so excited to find your blog - and I apologize, I usually leave a post to let someone know I'm linking, but I forgot this time. Thanks again!!!


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