Sunday, March 18, 2012

Five Weeks Old, and Blogging Futures!

Baby turned five weeks old this morning!

I'd post some pictures, but that would take actual computer literacy. I'll try to get DH to send some over soon.

We are doing well! Giles is a darling. He just wants to eat and be held, and otherwise he's a gentle and sweet-tempered guy! This postpartum has been smooth and wonderful. I am feeling great, and the family adjustment is going as smoothly as I could reasonably ask for.

You know what I have found most intimidating about the whole thing? Guesses, anyone?

That's right - using the double stroller. Man, that thing is so intimidating! I have been avoiding it like the plague. For some reason, it just makes me insecure and anxious. I guess having been joined at the wrist to my single stroller for the past six years has created some sort of co-dependency issues!! Right now I'm using the single stroller and carrying the baby in his carrier, whenever possible. I need to get over it sometime... just not soon. And I think I'd like to switch to a side-by-side rather than the bus-type we've got right now. Things to do, things to do.

I've been thinking a lot about the future of my two blogs. There's no doubt that I want to keep them up. Blogging is one of my real pleasures, and a great way to express myself, relax, and interact with like-minded people near and far. I love it, and I want to keep at it despite the fact that my free time is currently nearing the non-existent level.

I also wish in many ways that I only had one blog - it would be a lot easier - but that did not work out when I tried it in the beginning. Too many links, etc. So two it is! But I am steadily resisting the - crazy - urge to start other blogs (homemaking, etc.). Two is IT! Really! No more!

For my birth blog, I plan to keep it as purely birth stuff, with the occasional personal or HG entry copied over from my hyperemesis blog. For my hyperemesis blog, I will continue to post HG things and keep it as my primary personal blog.

My goal is to blog once a week. Probable? Not likely, but that's my goal - to blog weekly, however briefly. We'll see how that goes.

I may - or may not - start posting more homemaking, faith, and parenting-type things on my HG blog, as that is what my life consists of right now - hardcore bootcamp of learning the ropes on my new career as a mother. (Or rather, it's not a new career - I've been in it for six years - but it is a career that is ever-changing, and having been born with no particular talents child-wise, I am always struggling to catch up. God is definitely using this time to stretch and grow me in so many ways!!)

Well, I'd better go do something useful with my few minutes of down time! Love to all!!

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