Thursday, March 29, 2012

News from the front: Infant Sleep Routines

At one point, I would have thought the possibility of violent cultural wars over infant sleep philosophies laughable.

Then I became a parent and started reading parenting and birth blogs.

Oh, my goodness gracious.

I now know the ugly truth. It's brutal out there, people! Babywise v. attachment parenting v. cry-it-out v. baby wearing v. everything-else-imaginable-and-then-some.

Not being an extremist in most things, I find the polarization unfortunate. There's very little grace from either camp, and sometimes a regrettable lack of sense.

That's why I love this blogger's series, linked below! Agreeing or disagreeing is not relevant (I don't agree with every part) - I just love the generous dose of grace that this writer dispenses to all parents and to all methods. While her method is neither Babywise nor AP, but somewhere in the middle (where I find myself, most of the time), she has plenty of common sense and grace for differing parents, babies, and situations.

All of the usual controversies are quite active in the comments, so feel free to jump in!

Infant Routines at Our Home, Part I

Infant Routines at Our Home, Part II

Infant Routines at Our Home, Part III


Oh, and while we're at it, something I came across quite randomly - one mother's method of avoiding cry-it-out while teaching babies to sleep independently.

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