Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Media Review: "Sacred Birth"

"Sacred Birth"
16 minutes

This is a very short film comprising a short sequence of labor shots and really good, clear footage of the birth. There is also footage of a ceremony with the family burying the placenta, and then lots of footage recaps (the birth scene is shown three times). The entire film takes place outside, with the woman giving birth in the garden.

The birth footage is excellent, for a really weird reason - Although the woman labors upright, squatting, when her husband comes to catch the baby, she immediately lays on her back to give birth - so the camera gets great footage of the birth. Usually homebirths don't have the clearest birth footage because they occur in darkened rooms and with the mum in upright positions (not the best for cinematography) or birthing underwater. Because the mum births on her back in full sunlight, this is probably one of the clearest homebirth footage sequences you'll see.

In this video, the mother speaks directly to the camera several times (in Spanish, with subtitles). There is also a large amount of text put on the screen... Your appreciation of this part will probably depend on your personal/religious views. My husband and I found it somewhat amusing, as it was rather "far-out New Age" - but to each his own.

I recommend this video for the labor/birth footage which is great, though brief. We enjoyed this film!

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