Thursday, April 16, 2009

Spanish Commercial - Featuring a Homebirth!

I found this commercial absolutely amazing - in that it was shown on public television! (In Spain, that is.) And no, American audiences could NOT take this - we are way too grossed out by birth to tolerate it (though this is one of the most peaceful and clean births I've seen). Check it out here!

Many thanks to Jill at the Unnecesarean for this post! (Jill, I'm copying way too much of your stuff lately... I need to hook up with your info sources so I can stop being a blog-leech!)


  1. Although it's not leeching. Or if it is, then I'm leeching off of Medical News Today!!

  2. Wow! What a neat commercial! I like that it placed so much more sentiment on their bed because of their homebirth.

    No doubt people in the US would FREAK if they saw that on the TV. Women can be half naked in commercials, but they can't be half naked and birthing...right? Pardon my sarcasm:)


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