Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Elective Cesarean: The Side Untold

I first saw this on "Birth Faith" and later on other birth blogs, so I'm a bit behind the times...

We are often told the "risks of VBAC," but we are rarely told (besides the fact that repeat cesarean has more risks than VBAC) that cesareans can have life-threatening complications for both mom and baby. Here is one story, told by a mother pressured into a repeat cesarean (rather than the VBAC she wanted), in which the baby nearly died from complications directly related to cesarean birth (and unnecessary cesarean birth at that). Check it out!

The Story Leading Up to Sarah's 2nd Cesarean

Sarah's 2nd Cesarean Birth Story

Please remember this story when someone starts telling the wonders and "safety" of elective cesarean birth!

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