Sunday, June 7, 2009

Great Home Birth Video!

This is the birth video of a wonderful valley mama who attends the same birth circle chapter as I do, and has graciously allowed me to share her birth video!

The midwife (who you will only see in fleeting glances on the right side) is an awesome midwife who also attended my birth as my primary midwife's backup, and she is awesome!!

The video is in two parts because the girl who was filming it thought that there would be a long period between video part #1 and the birth - and there were only a few seconds! So she turned the camera on again just in time to shoot the birth.

There is also a picture montage.

The video takes a long time to load on my computer (probably just my computer), so if you experience the same thing, just click on it and go do something else while you wait for it to load.


Password: Home

Valley Homebirth

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  1. It says it needs a password, but it sounds like a great birth from what you wrote!


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