Saturday, June 20, 2009

My Blog Has an Almost-Birthday... And Wins Its First Award!

From looking back, I see that I began this blog last July.... However, with the frantic way that this summer is going (here in Phoenix, it's been summer for 3 months, whatever the calendar may say), I know I'll forget about it at the right time. So... Happy Birthday, little blog!

I have had such a wonderful time with this blog - it has been an amazing, beyond amazing, year. I have learned so much in my reading and research and writing for my blog. I have found great websites, organizations, and people... been able to connect with other birth bloggers... gotten plugged into the Phoenix birth community.... been able to work through my own birth experiences.... learned about the online birth community.... researched and learned about so many birth topics.... and much more! I never knew how much personal growth could come from passionate blogging! I love it.

And... My little blog has won its first award - from Kayce's Doula Journey! Very exciting stuff. Thank you, Kayce!

Well, as usual, I am supposed to be doing something else - in this case, preparing sermon notes and folding bulletins! So I'd better get back to work. I'll check in sometime next week!

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