Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Great Post on Post-Cesarean Health Effects for Baby

Nursing Birth has posted an awesome article reporting on research showing the detrimental later-in-life effects that cesarean birth has on babies. Check it out - it is AMAZING!!!

New Study Shows C-Section Births May Increase Odds For Developing Diseases Later In Life

I have always thought it an amazingly conceited and arrogant presumption which states that cesarean birth is equal in longterm health and safety (for mom and baby) to vaginal birth. Babies are born vaginally for a REASON - or rather, for multiple reasons! Regardless of your worldview, this is true. Either God created babies to be born vaginally for a reason, or we evolved to give birth vaginally for a reason. Either way, bypassing the normal physiology of birth cannot be healthy. For example, cesarean birth does not allow the baby to be colonized by the beneficial bacteria present in the mother's vaginal tract (the same is true of births in which the mother's vagina has been sterilized by antibiotics given for GBS), leaving baby open to colonization and infection by opportunistic environmental bacteria - not a good situation. This article opens even more issues posed by cesarean birth.

A great article!


  1. I think I read your post wrong. You are not suggesting that GBBS bacteria is a beneficial colonization for the infant?

  2. RR -- I think what Diana was saying is that just like in a C-section, so also with a baby born to a mother who has had antibiotics which have killed off the beneficial vaginal bacteria along with the bad GBS bacteria -- the baby doesn't get good bacterial colonization either way.

    - Kathy


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