Friday, December 4, 2009

Embryo Adoption.... PUPO

Our dear friends J. and T. had their embryo adoption transfer this week, and things went really well! So J. is now "PUPO" - Pregnant Until Proven Otherwise. For now it's just a waiting game as they wait to see if the babies were able to successfully implant (which will be shown by a positive pregnancy test). We are hoping for wonderful things for them! As two embryos were transferred, there is a good chance of TWINS! (Or triplets or quads, as each has the possibility of splitting.)

J. and T. decided on embryo adoption after the barrage of fertility tests they underwent showed them that they were not only infertile, but completely sterile due to the husband having Kleinfelter's syndrome (a genetic condition which renders males sterile). So the embryo-babies that are transferred are transferred just like a usual IVF cycle, but they have different genetic parents who have given them into the care of their adoptive parents (just like babies and children are given to adoptive parents post-birth). This is a wonderful option for genetic parents who have more embryos than they can transfer themselves.

Praying for this wonderful family!

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