Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Medical Cannabis for Hyperemesis Gravidarum?

This is not a new article (2004, I think), but I just saw it when a birth buddy posted it on Facebook. Interesting stuff! I haven't really been involved in the medical marijuana debate, so I don't feel justified in posting an opinion (morally, politically, medically). Here is the original article:

Medical Marijuana: A Surprising Solution to Severe Morning Sickness

Does anyone out there know anything more, or have any opinions to share?

I took a quick look around the web to see what the status of medical marijuana in the U.S. was (try this site) and found that it is legal in thirteen states, not including my own (which is in some odd state of legal limbo).

With regards to severe morning sickness (my own particular pregnancy problem), I post all information I find, however wacky!


  1. I totally understand why it would work - it also works for nauseated chemo patients.

    As for the smoke, well, at least good marijuana smoke doesn't contain all the formaldehyde, etc. that cigarettes do. Being able to take in nutrition by smoking infrequently might be the lesser of two evils.

    Interesting article - thanks.


  2. i'm considering it myself, as i suffer from HG.
    i've heard that there are "vaporizors" that can be used rather than smoking it and inhaling dangerous chemicals.
    it is also available in rx formula...marinol.

  3. I had severe hyperemesis gravidarum for my entire pregnancy and tried everything but I hadn't heard of medicinal cannabis being used in the way until after baby was born (I was too ill to even do the research). I've been researching it as I really want more babies but I can't face being so ill without hope of something helping. My preference would be a vaporiser as that stops fumes from smoking and I've read it may be an idea to bake the cannabis at 150 c degrees for 5 mins before using to kill any mould spores. Check my blog for my posts on this. There are no indications that cannabis being used in this way is harmful and for us hg women, doing nothing carries risks to both us and baby. It's illegal here so I don't know where to turn. Marinol is almost pure thc and looks dangerous to me compared to this. I've read it isn't as effective either. I'm going to try and see a counsillor for post traumatic stress as I had such a bad time with hg, was totally neglected by midwives. I'm so frightened of being so ill again but I just yearn for another precious baby. Follow my blog as I do post everything I can find too.

  4. Hi, Sleepwalker! I just posted two more entries on medical cannabis on my other blog, feel free to check it out:



    I will definitely follow your blog!

    I guess the issue here is definitely legality. Have you examined the medical marijuana laws for states around you? Would that be an option?

    It's a tricky subject - I will look forward to hearing whatever you find out! Thanks for visiting and commenting!


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