Thursday, January 14, 2010

Another Link: Co-sleeping Article

This was an awesome post on co-sleeping by Man-Nurse Diaries. Check it out:

Co-Sleeping: Does It Really Need to be Explained?

Seriously, I don't know how people go WITHOUT co-sleeping. I didn't co-sleep for the first two months with our first, and it was beyond horrible. Baby does not want to go back to sleep on his own, so he cries.... and cries.... and cries. So baby was up all night, I was up all night, and the misery was excruciating. I would dread evening because I knew it was the beginning of another night of being up all night.

And then.... enter our wonderful, amazing pediatrician, who said "Take him to bed with you!" Bingo. Problems solved, misery over. Not only is co-sleeping the most precious, wonderful, snuggly (and SAFE!) thing to do with a newborn, but it (almost completely) cuts out up-all-night marathons. Baby nurses when he wants and sleeps when he wants, and all is beautiful.

Sometime I'll write a better article on co-sleeping (like in five years when the kidlets are in school), but for now... I love co-sleeping!!

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