Sunday, January 24, 2010

Newborn Picture Gallery

Okay, here's a quick quiz. Off the top of your head (no cheating), who can name three signs which, being noticed during a newborn exam, would indicate that baby had passed meconium sometime while in the womb (prior to labor)?

*Elevator Music*

Okay, here they are! They would be a yellow-colored stain to the baby's (1) fingernails, (2) umbilical cord, (3) vernix.

(Feel free to add additions or corrections.)

Where did I pick up such snippets? At this wonderful website! Check it out:

Stanford School of Medicine Newborn Photo Gallery

This site has a plethora of photos of newborns and various conditions, with descriptions and explanations. It is a super-helpful learning tool! I haven't gotten through it all yet, but I've learned a lot.

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