Friday, January 29, 2010

New Midwife Blog!

One of my favorite local midwives, Stephanie S., has started a midwife-blog on her website! Check it out!

The Baby Whisperer

Stephanie is one AMAZING woman. She owns what is probably the largest birth-services business in the state (it includes massage, chiropractic care, naturopathic medicine, midwifery, childbirth classes, doula training, childbirth educator training, henna art, bellycasting, pregnancy photography - and more!), is an incredibly busy midwife, and is also one of the most educated, thoughtful, and articulate women I have ever met. I always enjoy hearing her input at local birth-community meetings.

Here's a quote from her latest entry:

"VITA MUTARI – the literal translation from Latin to English is “Life Transformation”. That is the closest thing I could think of the feeling of labor/birth…what you are feeling isn’t pain, it’s life transformation. Is it dramatic? You bet! I think it should be!..... Language is powerful – birth is powerful – and I think that the language should be more accurate. I don’t believe “pain” is accurate…it’s not a powerful enough word to describe the feelings of birth."

I am expecting great things from this blog!

(Right now I can't get my "subscriber" to subscribe to this blog, so I'll have to check it manually until either I or they get that quirk worked out. I'll post when it is.)

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